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ITT: Fun Facts about your main champs.

Did you know Thresh can reveal stealth with his hook?

Did you know Quinn's Vault can stop dashes and Shen's ult? IE: If Leona tries to use Zenith Blade on your support, you can dash into her mid animation and cancel the attack. Same goes for Shen's ulti, her Vault cancels it.
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There was apparently a Giant Enemy Crabgot theme song that was sung around the office years ago.

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Originally Posted by Calderweiss
Crabgot is gross.
Plus you can see through that girl's dress.
You're gross. Meanie =(

You can use Annie's shield while her Q is in flight as your last spell for a stealthy stun.

Jarvan can E->Q over the wall by the health relic on the Twisted Treeline to get to top lane.
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A friendly Lulu does not synergize with J4's ultimate very well:
If J4 encloses an enemy in Cataclysm, the enemy can run to the edge of the wall. If Lulu then ults Jarvan, there is a chance the enemy will get knocked up and out of Cataclysm's confinements.

Ziggs's passive does 150% damage to structures. It also stacks with Lich Bane... which means Ziggs is probably one of the best objective-oriented mages in the game. Lich Bane + standard AP items = Inhibitor tower is dead in 4~ auto attacks in a standard-paced game.
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