• Corvo Cuervo
    ITT: Fun Facts about your main champs.

    Did you know Thresh can reveal stealth with his hook?

    Did you know Quinn's Vault can stop dashes and Shen's ult? IE: If Leona tries to use Zenith Blade on your support, you can dash into her mid animation and cancel the attack. Same goes for Shen's ulti, her Vault cancels it.
    11 months, 2 weeks ago
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    There was apparently a Giant Enemy Crabgot theme song that was sung around the office years ago.

    11 months, 2 weeks ago
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    Originally Posted by Calderweiss
    Crabgot is gross.
    Plus you can see through that girl's dress.
    You're gross. Meanie =(

    You can use Annie's shield while her Q is in flight as your last spell for a stealthy stun.

    Jarvan can E->Q over the wall by the health relic on the Twisted Treeline to get to top lane.
    11 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Player Support Specialist
    A friendly Lulu does not synergize with J4's ultimate very well:
    If J4 encloses an enemy in Cataclysm, the enemy can run to the edge of the wall. If Lulu then ults Jarvan, there is a chance the enemy will get knocked up and out of Cataclysm's confinements.

    Ziggs's passive does 150% damage to structures. It also stacks with Lich Bane... which means Ziggs is probably one of the best objective-oriented mages in the game. Lich Bane + standard AP items = Inhibitor tower is dead in 4~ auto attacks in a standard-paced game.
    11 months, 2 weeks ago