Theres a misunderstanding in this thread. I don't want this system because I want to feel good knowing the people I warned in game got was coming to them, I want to feel good knowing my reports actually worked and meant something.

say im in a game and there is someone with a negative attitude, raging, and overall dragging team moral down. i have to sit through 20-40 minutes of his negativity. nope, i can't mute him. in the case he says something important regarding team coordination, i want to hear it because yes, i want to win the game. so i have the rager unmuted and have to bear with it for 20-40 minutes. this takes A LOT of effort to do without responding aggressively back. not only does this rager ruin the teams good mood, it puts them in a state of mind where we can easily break and start raging ourselves. after the game ends, i report the rager. thats the end of it. we have no idea what happens to said rager. hopefully he gets banned when the tribunal (finally) catches him, but we have no confirmation or anything. this of course leads me to not caring enough to partake in the tribunal, because there is no solid reward.

lets lay some facts down. the game is only rid of toxic players because of the community. the tribunal only works because of the community. after forcing 4 players to sit through 20-40 minutes of toxicity and forcing us to work the tribunal to eliminate toxic players, don't we at least deserve to know that we actually made a difference? don't the reporters deserve to know they actually made a difference? its quite agitating and not satisfying at all to sit through such anguish and then send a report into the abyss.

as i currently assume, a tiny portion of the community partakes in the tribunal because excluding catching anonymous criminals, there is no reward. sure we get 5 IP but that is nothing. i'd much rather feel the satisfaction of putting away a rager. its a great feeling to know that we, the player, actually made a difference. this would drastically improve community involvement in the tribunal as well. with this alert system, the community will become involved with the tribunal because they want that success feeling. they want to be notified ingame that they arrested a criminal. theres nothing like achieving a goal, in life and in game.

and of course this system is still up for changes. some later posts in the thread claim ragers should have their privacy. well maybe instead of having "X player has been suspended by Ray2Saucy!", the game should give out weekly or monthly notifications saying "You have given out X amount of reports this week/month, and X amount of people have been suspended/banned." im all for keeping things anonymous, but give us some sort of satisfaction riot.

others say this will increase reports sent into tribunal. yes possibly but thats why you vote no to irrational reports. its always been this way. people have been getting reported for dumb reasons since the beginning of tribunal. its up to the community to serve justice, not corruption.

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I like the idea but also dislike it.

The reason I don't like it: It probably takes at least a few days (i'd guess more but really not sure) before someone you report actually hits the tribunal. If you reported someone, in a lot of cases it's because you had a really unpleasant experience with them. Do you really want to be reminded of an unfun game days/weeks after the fact? I'd say yes from a spite/revenge perspective, but that's not the behavior that I imagine Lyte wants to encourage. Example: "I'll teach that ***** to ruin my games! versus "I really hope no one else has to deal with this guy playing like that"; the current system inspired the second, yours inspires the first.
Its not about remembering the game, its about showing the player that their reports actually meant something and were not gone to waste. So no, my behavior wouldn't be "I'll teach that ***** to ruin my games!" cause ass you said, I probably won't even remember the game. Its the sheer fact that I was able to lock away a toxic person and thus "I don't remember who that guy was, but at least no one else has to deal with them" therefore encouraging Lyte's motto.

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Kind of feel you're reporting for the wrong reasons if you only get satisfaction from seeing punishment. Report because it makes the game a better place -- not because of your own personal satisfaction of getting the final say in an in-game spat. And no, it really shouldn't be both, cause it's being really dishonest and it's not the intent of the system. Reporting for personal satisfaction results in vengeful reports instead of actually trying to clean up the community.

So no, I really don't think this is a good idea at all. Seems to me like the only people who would really care about who specifically got banned as a result of reports would be people who are reporting for vindictive reasons.
I guess I came across the original post a little wrong. I don't mean to implement this system so that I can "feel good that my warning to the rager in game was right!", its so that I can "feel good knowing my reports actually meant something."

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Here's the way I think they should do it. Instead of sending you a notice saying "you reported yoloswag420 and he has been punished by the tribunal" they should give you a weekly (or monthly digest) saying you reported x number of people, of those people y have received punishment. This would do two things: it would let you know that your feelings of dissatisfaction with the game/community are actually being addressed and, if you see that you are reporting 100x more people than are getting punished...perhaps you're not using the report function correctly.
There's a difference though. Tribunal you're judging individuals you've likely never interacted with and while you may get satisfaction for improving the game it doesn't directly address your experience. My suggestion tells you that individuals who ruined your experience have been punished and your plea for help (the report) was actually heard rather than getting spit out into the ether of the internet.
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I agree with some of the other players here, we have to break down the feature and problem space.

I think players want strong feedback loops for every action they have in League of Legends (or really, anything you do in life). If you Honor someone, you might want to get some feedback about that action--did that person unlock an Honor ribbon later and you helped them do it? Did the person continue on a 3-game winning streak afterwards? If you Report someone, you might also want some feedback that the action did something. Did the player end up improving their behaviors, or getting a chat-ban?

However, having feedback for every action is not the same as encouraging vindictiveness or revenge behavior. We've talked about more feedback for Honors and Reports in the past, and we're definitely open to the idea and have a few designs in mind; but, we'd probably never reveal player names in any of the feedback due to privacy issues and the fact that it'd create some unnecessary witch-hunting behaviors.

For now, the player behavior team is heavily invested in trying to get Team Builder in a state that players would enjoy on Live servers. Our research shows that a lot of bad behavior results from good people experiencing triggers or contexts such as having a bad day, having a bad game, etc. We haven't seriously invested time in preventing these contexts or triggers, and believe Team Builder is the highest value to players right now compared to working on things like improving feedback loops for our other systems.
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