• CaptainLaggspike
    I whas watching Nightblue3 his stream and he whas getting ghosted pretty damn hard so i whas wondering is it banable or something ? Its pretty damn unfair but on the other side his own fault for streaming without delay.
    1 year, 4 months ago
  • Player Behaviour Expert
    This is very much something outside of the scope of our game in truth.

    How can you prove it? What impact does it have?

    If someone tries to get an advantage through something like this then it's very low and it shows very poor judgement but again it isn't something that can be enforced on a game level. Individual tournaments may have specific rules involved, but it's on individual streamers to set a delay.
    1 year, 4 months ago
  • Player Behaviour Expert
    Originally Posted by OverlordCreed
    I very much disagree with this. It is human nature to cheat. How else do you think the USA came into existence? How else do you think Agamemnon won the Trojan War? All is fair in love and War. And surely fighting on Summoner's Rift is no different. Ofc it is unethical. But then again all the victories achieved by the so called great leaders like Roosevelt, Churchill, etc were all unethical.
    If being unethical as you put it is the nature of man then isn't it even more dignified and honourable for people to fight against such nature for the betterment of society?

    Constraints are what make us who we are and going against the easy route for others is pretty rad if you ask me. Cheating is essentially subverting victory through means beyond your own skill in a contest where skill its supposedly the decider, it's in my nature doesn't really wash when you're going into a contest as all you cheat is yourself.
    1 year, 4 months ago