Hey all,

I'm here to chat with you guys about bots and the changes we're making to bot behaviors.  The goal of these changes is to make a new player's transition from Co-Op vs AI to normal PVP smoother by having bots make more human-like decisions in game.

So, for the last few months, we've been yanking the circuit boards from the Beginner and Intermediate bots and reprogramming them to bring new life to the AI while laying down a solid foundation for future updates. The changes include (but aren't limited to):

  • How bots understand their strength compared to nearby allied and enemy champions
  • How bots react to overwhelming enemy strength
  • How bots position and farm in lane

Our goal isn't to make Diamond-level bots, but to make the AI play less like a bot and more like a person. We want bots to consider the same things you do when you make decisions in game. Part of what makes League of Legends so fun is the variety in player behavior. No matchup is the exact same. If we can reduce bot predictability in Co-Op vs AI, then mission accomplished.

We made these changes to a core set of 15 bots at the moment so you'll only run into these core bots for a while on PBE. As we get feedback from you guys, we'll tweak the bots and crank out the remaining ones to add back into the pool. We've mobilized the bots and look forward to hearing what you guys think!

By the way, don't worry that this is the beginning of the robo-pocalypse. We programmed them according to the Three Laws of Robotics. They'll never turn on us...right? Guys?