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I personally find Renekton to be extremely OP. I get the idea, he has complete lane dominance and then falls off later, I get that. It's the fact that there are other champions with this same idea in mind, yet they are completely outclassed. Darius, Riven and especially Xin Zhao are all meant to have a strong early game then fall off hard. However, Renekton has a stronger laning phase that Xin Zhao and falls off less, aswell as having incredible disengage + CC + Sustain and Survivability.

Basically, I hate Renekton. So I have come here today to ask everyone if you know of any Renekton counters? I understand that you can sit under turret and pick a late game champion, but the Renekton can tower dive you when he's 6, which you undoubtably won't be when he zones you. Then, if the jungler comes, all it takes is two Es and maybe a flash and Renekton is safe guaranteed.

Currently, I am leaning towards the following:


Volibear has an arguably stronger early than Renekton, and is built just as Tanky.
Kennen and Jayce are both ranged pokers, but I find Jayce better as he can Hammer Form E the Renekton away when they dive onto him.
4 years, 1 month ago
Riot MeDroiD
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I know some very good players that have been using Kennen to counter Renekton recently with a huge success.

Kennen is a super strong ranged champion, especially if we think how it was played some time ago in toplane; starting with some AD (2x Doran Blades) and ending by getting AP to become a powerful champion while in teamfights.

I'm not sure what do you guys think, but in my opinion Kennen is a very solid champion to play against a Renekton ^^

4 years, 1 month ago