So, I was looking at our little godzillas outdated kit and abysmal win rate and realized what his huge problem is.

He's supposed to be a high risk high reward champ, you manage to get him to 6 stacks by not dying and not using his ulti and you get an uber tank for lategame.

However chogath is a high risk and mediocre reward champion, who is less tanky than mundo and shyvana AT BEST and has to rely on his telegraphed skillshots to be relevant during teamfights.

Now, we should capitalize on the high risk high reward part so I propose that he loses ALL stacks when he dies but the range of his R and the area of effect of his Q and W increases as cho grows, he still would deal little damage and would never carry a team, but it would make his endgame presence more relevant and give the other team a reason to try and ruin his day before he gets huge and unmanageable, thoughts?
4 years, 6 days ago
Associate Software Engineer
As someone who played Cho to diamond 2 seasons in a row, he's actually pretty strong right now (also possibly because many people don't know how to play against him). When I need to just carry the game as a top laner I fall back to Cho. He is tanky enough but can still one shot the carry late game if you happen to land a q.

However, with the increase in mobility, rupture is almost a joke as a skill since people can literally just walk out of it even if you cast it right on them. If there is one change to Cho that I'd love to see it'd be removing his cast animations (they are all so long... making it impossible to chain qwr in a reliable manner). It would also save me from the frustrating moments where I would have won the fight if my nom nom nom casted a little faster.. That being said.. removing the cast animation may actually make him op.. so tweaks would probably be needed.
4 years, 6 days ago