• Nyxanna
    I can't actually believe what I saw in that video.

    I'm so used to Riot being lazy and not updating the game that I was mindblown by how awesome the new map is looking! I especially love the new Dragon. I am assuming that what we see in the video is the way he will spawns since if he flew around onto the ledge melee wouldn't be able to engage.

    The golem is also looking pretty neat and it's cool that they have spawn animations now instead of just appearing.

    I think the minions do definitely look better than they do now. Let's face it. The minions right now don't really look like they're going into a fight. They barely wear any armor, if any, but the new one's look geared.

    One thing I noticed is that the wolf has 2 heads now. Perhaps Riot is trying to teach their community that different is not always bad and make them understand from a young age that they shouldn't discriminate? Is it a passive way of tackling homophobia in the LoL community?

    One thing I liked a bit less is the water. I hope they do improve the water quality of the map until release. Especially the area south from mid looked like it could be better.

    But what I would love to see, that I didn't see in the video obviously, is champions interacting with their environment. Perhaps certain champions or skins could spawn a picnic and sit down if you don't move or others could lean against a tree/tower.

    What do you guys think about it anyway?

    1 year ago
  • Network Ops Technician
    Originally Posted by Nyxanna
    Without vsync I get 400-500 FPS so I honestly welcome any graphic updates.
    They say that right now it simply needs more RAM but it's pretty safe to say that a lot of people won't be able to play anymore. Personally I think it's okay to be honest. The requirements are still going to be low, just not complete bottom low and the game does already have more players than any other game.
    You would be suprised at how much clean up in terms of geometry this VU allowed, which will help with keeping the requirements low. We're only aiming at providing a better experience so we're very mindful that a lot of our players have low spec pc's.
    1 year ago